Valve, you’ve messed up your controller.

It was exciting at first, but now I’m no longer interested.


When Valve first announced the Steam Controller, I liked it a lot. The trackpads that replaced joysticks looked interesting. I was a bit skeptical about its performance, but after some people shared their first impressions on tech and game websites, it started to look better.

But the trackpads weren’t the most interesting thing for me. I was more exited about the screen. Valve sold it to us with the ability to have “unlimited buttons” on the controller. It also worked as a way to show information to the user. Everything seemed too good to be true.

And then, Valve announced that they’re going to remove the screen from the controller in order to “maintain compatibility with older games”. And they’re going to replace it with a bunch of little tiny buttons. I didn’t know what to feel. The thing I was more excited about had disappeared from the controller. Why Valve, why? But that’s not everything! They’re also going to replace the battery with… AA batteries. What the…?

The next thing they can do is to make it wired. Then we’ll be at stone age again.


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