José María Martín Luque

Spanish who likes technology and writing about it. Currently, I’m developing small apps for iOS but I want to study Computer Programming at University.

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Falling Gems

Falling Gems is a simple iOS game I’m making. In this game you’re a little man called Frank. You have to help Frank in his mission of collecting gems and avoiding bombs. If you touch a bomb, you loose one live and when you touch three, it’s Game Over. The game, as you can see it’s pretty simple and may sound easier but it gets difficult quickly, increasing the speed of the items and the number of bombs each time. Here are some screens (thanks to Regy Perlera for the images used).

Main Screen


Playing Screen


Game Over Screen


It also works on iPad!


Falling Gems is nearly finished and is coming soon for all iOS 7 devices!

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Valve, you’ve messed up your controller.

It was exciting at first, but now I’m no longer interested.


When Valve first announced the Steam Controller, I liked it a lot. The trackpads that replaced joysticks looked interesting. I was a bit skeptical about its performance, but after some people shared their first impressions on tech and game websites, it started to look better.

But the trackpads weren’t the most interesting thing for me. I was more exited about the screen. Valve sold it to us with the ability to have “unlimited buttons” on the controller. It also worked as a way to show information to the user. Everything seemed too good to be true.

And then, Valve announced that they’re going to remove the screen from the controller in order to “maintain compatibility with older games”. And they’re going to replace it with a bunch of little tiny buttons. I didn’t know what to feel. The thing I was more excited about had...

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Apple and Planned Obsolescence

Because planned obsolescence is part of our lives and Apple uses it “very well”.

Broken Apple Background.png

Two years ago, Spanish public television aired a documentary titled “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” (“Comprar, tirar, comprar” in Spanish). That documentary talked about planned obsolescence and how it impacted our lives in this consumption society. The program started talking about lightbulbs and printers but then moved into the iPod.

It surprised me to see Apple there. My favorite tech company doing dirty tactics in order to sell more? That’s not the Apple I liked. The documentary talked about how Apple limited the battery of the iPods in order to last less. People thought they were scammed when their iPod’s battery died after a year they bought it. After a class action, Apple replaced those iPods with “faulty” battery. And then, peace was back again.

But then, some time after, planned obsolescence hit...

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I want to be a developer

I’m 16. And I want to be a developer.
Why? That’s a great question. I like technology and everything related to it. I like computers. And I appreciate the time spent by people in making the incredible tools we use today. The Internet has allowed us to communicate easily with people around the world and to share knowledge easily. It has also allowed us to live better. I want to help people. And I want to help them creating things there going to use everyday. Things that will make their lives easier.

So, there you have it. I’m 16. And I want to be a developer.

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qBittorrent is a torrent client (difficult huh?). It’s lightweight and you don’t get ads or sponsors during instalation. Interface is simple and clean, and it comes in many languages. Of course, it’s free.
Bye µTorrent!


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